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Saturday, 25 September 2010

32 Lesson Learned from @MarriageMentor

1. Always be student of your mate. Each season of married life is different.
2. When it comes to in-law issues, cleave to your spouse first and then let "blood talk to blood".
3. Learn each other love language and show them love in the way that's most meaningful to them.
4. Get a way at least once in a year as a couple - even if it's just for one night. Recharge your marriage by falling in love again.
5. Learn to listen with empathy, without trying to "fix" her problem.
6. Wives, be visually generous with your husband. He will greatly appreciate that.
7. Warm up their towel in the clothes dryer while they are in the shower. Then wrap them in it when they get out.
8. Discuss each person's 3 greatest needs at least annually. Then focus on helping them in those areas.
9. After a kiss and warm greeting, give your spouse some down time & space when they first get home from work.
10. Recognize that your spouse is a gift to you from God, and treat him/her that way.
11. Realize that wives need emotional release & husbands need sexual release. Neither is wrong; you’re just different.
12. Learn to love your in-laws as an act of loving service to your spouse. Actions 1st.The feelings will follow.
13. Take him to his favorite sporting event once in a while. Just being there with him will mean a lot!
14. Take her to a place she typically enjoys w/her girlfriends (e.g.a tea room). Then engage in face-to-face conversation.
15. Send the kids to a friend’s house, buy chocolate syrup & whipped cream and get creative with each other!
16. Take some dance lessons together & have some fun. Don’t keep putting it off until “some day”.
17. Go to church together weekly & pray out loud together daily (before meals doesn’t count). Reduces divorce risk to ~1%

to be continued..

(Source: Twitter @MarriageMentor)

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