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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Adventurous Date Ideas

Go to a shooting range

If you know someone who likes guns, you can easily convince them to take you shooting. There are usually indoor shooting ranges if you live in a place where you don’t have an outdoor range nearby. You can take it one step farther and do some sort of “gun safety” class before shooting as part of the date.

Go toiletpapering.

This is another thing that you can do MUCH better now that you’re older. In High School, we’d toiletpaper our teachers houses and people we didn’t like. But it’s a good trick even for people you do like.

Build and fly a model rocket

This is another big hobby for a lot of people. Flying a model rocket can be done for under $20 (but obviously, some people get much more elaborate). If you are lucky enough to find an event, you can see hundreds of these of varying complexity. But if not, it’s still fun to pick up a starter kit at a hobby shop and build one together then fly it a few times.

Play with a remote control airplane (or watch others)

If you don’t have access to a remote control airplane (I know I wouldn’t let you fly mine if you didn’t already know how!) you can go to mini-airports where enthusiasts gather all of the time to fly these things. It’s a pretty big hobby for some people, so it’s cool to see what they’ve done with it.

Ride in a hot air balloon

There’s a lot more in hot air ballooning than you would think (they’re harder to fly than an airplane) so it’s hard to get someone to take you up. But if you’re lucky, this can be a really fun adventure. If not, they have hot air balloon events where you can watch dozens of them take off at once.

Go to the sand dunes

Lots of people get in to riding ATVs and Motorcycles and camping for days on end at the Sand Dunes. It doesn’t hurt AS bad if you wreck on sand, so there are some pretty crazy people you can watch (or be)

Go across the border in to another state/country (Mexico!)

There are lots of cool things to be seen if you’re a tourist outside of your state/country. In Arizona we like to go to Mexico because it’s not too far away and it’s quite a cultural experience.

Go hiking

You probably thought of this one without our list, but here it is anyway. Here in Arizona there are lots of little hills and mountains nearby that can make for a decent 2-3 hour hike

Build and shoot a potato gun (more for the guy than the girl)

Again, a date that’s probably more for the guy than the girl. You can buy all of the parts you need to build a potato gun for less than 20 bucks (ammunition included!) which is a couple of PVC pipes and an ignition source (like a lantern lighter and hairspray). Good fun — a decent potato gun will go 50 yards. You can find instructions all over the internet.

Play on a rope swing (preferrably in to water!)

Rope swings can be great fun. Lots of lakes and rivers have already built rope swings (make sure they’re safe!) but you can build your own pretty easily. It’s especially fun if it’s in to water (you could do it when you go cliff diving)

Build a fort or tree house (best over multiple dates)

Now that you’re older, you can probably engineer a really cool treehouse or fort. Wood isn’t TOO expensive, and if you already have the tools, you can make a pretty sweet club house either in your back yard or even out in the woods somewhere.

Go paintballing

It takes the right kind of girl to go paintballing with you, and it helps to have the gear, but this can be a highly adventurous and fun activity. And you definitely need a group.

Sneak in to a ritzy hotel to go swimming in their pool

Most places don’t care as long as you’re quiet. It’s pretty easy to stroll in and park as if you are checking in and then sneaking back to the pool area. Have your swimsuit on under your clothes, then just strip down and hop in! Many “ritzy” resort style hotels have some really sweet pools.

Go cliff jumping

Ask around and you can probably find a nearby lake or river that’s well known for cliff jumping. Usually better in a group and definitely a daytime activity. Combine this with a picnic or barbeque and you have yourself a party!

Go boating

Most people don’t think of this as a date, but it’s great for a group. If you know someone with a boat, you can go water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, etc. etc. at a nearby lake.

Raft or tube down a river

There are rivers of varying speed and rapid-ness just about everywhere. Grab a tube or raft, some drinks and maybe some music and hit the river! Make SURE to bring sun screen.

Visit a nearby, quaint little town (like Sedona, AZ)

Every state seems to have a small town that is well known for tourism. In Arizona, it’s Sedona where you can see red rocks and check out all kinds of neat little shops and trails. There are others in other places – go look for them!

Go camping, if not overnight then at least to a bonfire

Camping is a blast with friends. Be sure you’ve got all the gear you need, and bring along card games, board games, snacks and lots of wood for building a giant bonfire. If you don’t want to camp overnight, grab a campsite (or if you’re in arizona, the desert works fine!) and build a giant fire for a few hours.


Sunday, 20 September 2009

5 Things To Do While You're Still Single

You may not be able to see it now, but the single life offers a rare opportunity wherein you have no one to answer to or for but yourself. It's a time when you can make your dreams come true - or just sit on the couch, whatever you want since you dictate the rules sans co-pilot. When the time comes to settle down (and the right person will one day come along), gone will be the days of unplanned weekends and completely self-centered whimsy. So fill up while you can! Life is for living and your single years are a great time to do it!

1. Get a hobby
Sounds simple enough, but the truth is many of us get so used to our routines that we never get passed the "I wish I knew how to..." stage. Now is the time to take action! If you've spent years thinking guitar players are so cool and wanting to be one, buy an inexpensive guitar start taking lessons. Hint: You can even find them online! If you've delighted in gourmet meals courtesy of your parents' picking up the tab, get a cook book and teach yourself a few kitchen tricks. Naked Chef Jamie Oliver is a personal favorite for gourmet meals that are simple to make (after all, his idea was that any of his college drinking buddies could follow his recipes). No matter what the thing is you've wanted to do, do it! You'll get loads of pleasure out of the experience - and the experience of taking initiative. Your new hobby (and feeding your spirit) will be there in or out of your relationship and will help you remain a whole person when you do become half of a couple!

2. Learn to take care of yourself
Guys may not care to know how to sew buttons (girls may not either, but you get the point). Likewise, females may not be interested in hooking up computer hard drives. But the thing is, if you know how to do everything you need to do to take care of yourself and run your household, rather than just assuming someday someone will come along and do it for you, you'll be in a lot better position. First of all, you'll get a lot more done around the house and have a lot less reason to panic or stress. Secondly, self-reliance is incredibly attractive. Nobody wants a needy, ineffective mate, but one who can show you a thing or two sounds pretty darn sexy! After all, there's got to be some logic behind all the pics of pinups with power tools!

3. Travel alone
While some of us may be scared at the prospect of spending any period of time on our own (let alone in an unfamiliar place), one of the most life-changing and enriching experiences that can be had is traveling alone. As one dating expert puts it: "Whether you're trying to find your way through the Paris Metro or the London Underground, haggling over a painting in Mexico or choosing where to bed down in the Badlands, traveling by yourself builds a confidence you simply can't get any other way." Set in this scenario, you've got no choice but to make decisions by yourself based on what you want. Another huge self-reliance builder (see above)! Just be sure to keep someone back at home advised of your whereabouts - which has never been easier than in the email age - then get up and go!

4. Be single
No kidding. These days there is so much pressure to settle down and find "the one" that we tend to lose out on the experience of being alone. Learning to enjoy your own company is a priceless right of passage and one that will serve you well on your journey. Remain out of a relationship for at least three months advises one dating guru, and you may surprise yourself at what you learn about yourself. The serial monogamy that has become all too common in our culture may be doing you a disservice!

5. Celebrate you
Now is the time to find what you like about yourself. Stop finding all your flaws and see your strengths. You do have them, and the best way to attract someone is to bask in them - not brag about them, but really know they're there! When you feel good about you, it shows.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

5 Ways to Show Her You Love Her

1. Just tell her: just saying "Honey, I love you" will mean the world to her; don't go overboard with it, but say those three little words at random, catch her off guard. 

2. Be more affectionate: face it, women tend to need more physical attention; genle kisses on the cheek; touch her face; hug her; all just because.

3. Sweets: women tend to have an extra sweet tooth; bring her home her favorite candy, pastry, or dessert. Remember chocolate contains Phenylethylamine, which is a chemical that gets released in the brain when you're in love (plus it helps her reach her 'O')- find chocolates that are 40% to 70% cocoa.

4. Small gifts: find little things that remind you of her, she'll appreciate it plus she'll know you were thinking about her; magazines at the check out counter; cell phone accessories that she's been wanting; the book, CD, or DVD, that she's been dying to get her hands one

5. Surprise her: little surprises that show her you were thinking about her during the day; send her flowers at home or work


5 Ways to Show Him You Love Him

1. Shower him with little gifts: picture frame with a picture of the two of you; slip a note in his favorite magazine; replace his bookmark with a special note; text him sweet nothings. 

2. Say "I love you" with music: compile a CD of love songs or of his favorite songs and slip it into his car; buy that CD he's had his eye on; write him a song or poem 

3. Be crafty: make him something that you know he'll love; customize a calendar with pictures, highlighting special days with his favorite sports team 

4. Do him a favor: do something that he normally does or wants to get done before he has the change; get his watch polished for him; get tickets for that movie he's been dying to see; write him a coupon to get out of his chores for the day 

5. Prepare a romantic dinner: get the kids out of the house, and dine with style; makes favorite meal and finish off with his favorite dessert