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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sex for Health

1. Decreasing stress. Sexual activity could stimulate body to release endorphin which could make us relax and our body fresh.
2. Smoothing blood circulation. Beside our blood circulation will flow swift, it could prevent hip blood vessel obstruction, because our body will get more movement.
3. Increasing intimacy. Sex will keep the connection become close, in physically and emotion.
4. Long life. Orgasm twice a week could make our life long. When orgasm, DHEA hormone will increase. This hormone will make our skin healthier, push body immunity, and repair consciousness.

Caffeinated Drinks

Think twice before downing a latte or diet Coke. According to a study from the University of Bristol, caffeinated drinks may increase your stress levels, rather than helping to keep them under control. In a trial of 96 people, researchers found that individuals with caffeine in their system had higher heart rates, performed less effectively as part of a team, and felt more “stressed out” than individuals who went caffeine-free. (Source: Men’s Fitness)

Fun Kiss Facts

1. In our life, average, people spend time for kissing about 20,160 minutes or about 336 hours.
2. Kissing could be the toothache medicine, because saliva production will clean the mouth. But, be careful, kissing and saliva could be a media to spread infectious disease.
3. A minute kissing means burn 26 calories.


Sometimes, men are difficult to keep the erection. It is usually because of stress, tired, alcohol, and some diseases. Temporal impotent is not a big problem if they still can erection on masturbation or wake up with erection. Impotent in long period could be happens in diabetes, blood circulation disturbance, and consuming diuretic and antidepressant drugs. 
The things you can do are:
1. Don’t judge yourself. If you are stress or tired because of finance, work, or disease problem, manage them first.
2. Tell it with your partner. Talk about your anxiety and try another variety of sexual intercourse to reduce your anxiety.
3. Do some breathing exercise and muscle relaxation.
4. Reduce alcohol, better if we stop it.
5. Stop smoking. Men with smoking habit have erection risk twice than none.
Practical technique you can do to decrease your sexual anxiety is to be relax with your partner, some foreplay like flatter and touch (without touching sex organ) can help.

What Man Need

1. He needs a woman who cares to his effort and regards for what he provide.
2. He needs a woman to share what he has.
3. He needs a woman who gives him a chance to give her needs.
4. He needs a woman who could accept him who he is.
5. He needs a woman who trust to him and depend to him for what can he provide.
6. He needs a woman to support him to be the best.
7. He needs a woman who happy with him, loves him, and responsive to him.
8. He needs a woman who adores him for what he done or he tries to do.
9. He needs a woman who receptive to his plan and his suggestion.
10. He needs a woman who can forgive his mistake.

What Woman Need

1. She needs care from a man who wants to manage her need.
2. She needs a man who understands what she need and made her a plan that she no needs to think anymore.
3. She needs a man who anticipates what she needs and she wants without request again.
4. She needs a man who takes care with her, loves her and adores her.
5. She needs a man who misses her and wants her.
6. She needs a man who thinks that she is so special.
7. She needs a man who cares about her health and to understand what she feels.
8. She needs a man to help her in her life so she doesn’t need to do everything herself.
9. She needs a man to talk heart to heart and could be able to be trust.
10. She needs a man which can feel passionate intimacy together.

Jealousy is a Sign of Love?

Probably, yes. But, jealousy could be the absent of trust.

Love is not jealous. Love is about trust to each other. Build a good communication could help us to solve this problem. How to communicate well? The key is heart to heart.
1. Learn to listen with your heart. Listen is the key to speak. Take and give principal is here. Give our ear to listen him/her, and he/ she will give his/her ear to listen to us.
2. The purpose of the communication is for understanding someone we talk to, not to being right!

Man Like a Hero and Woman Like a Singer

Man feel so precious when he think he needed by someone else. That’s the reason why jobless man easier to be depressed (than woman). In other condition, woman feel to be respected when someone listening to her. A man could be angry if someone disparage his authority, and a woman will be sad if no one listen to her.
Joke: The most happiness wedding is when deaf man meet blind woman.